Dubai is one of most visited places in the world by tourists. Millions of people visit the city all along the year for different purposes that may be vacationing, business tours or shopping. So that makes Dubai most ideal country to invest in a business. There are many business plans which can be run successfully in this city. The best thing is that you have an open choice when it comes to investments; you can start a big start-up plan with huge amount of money and you can also start a low budget small business if you don’t have that much money. What brings you success is an active mind and immense hard work to grow a business. Anyways, we will give you some ideas according to the business market in Dubai if you want to run a low budget business.

1: Event management:

As a matter of fact there is always an event happening in Dubai. Without any break you will see there are some festivals, games or parties going on in Dubai. So starting an event management company is really a very good idea. With investing your money once you can get all the essentials for arranging an event and afterwards you can arrange several events with same tools. You can also make deals with catering companies to cater food in your event. For event lighting companies, Dubai has a lot of business. You can earn a lot of money through this but first you have to put a lot of effort in it. Getting events in the start is not so easy. People hesitate in hiring new companies with no experience and guarantee. For that, in the start, you need to socialize in parties and tell people about your work. After that, you have to start by charging a lesser amount. You may not be able to earn a lot in start but at least you can develop a reputation.

2: Hotel furniture suppliers

Hotels are so in demand in Dubai as it is a tourist’s hub. But of course we are not suggesting building a hotel due to low budget, so we come up with another thing which runs hotel i.e. hotel furniture. It may include table, chairs, beds, sofas etc. The business of hotel furniture suppliers in Dubai is great idea to start making huge money by investing less.  All you have to do is to start making furniture of good quality and latest designs. Once you start getting orders your business will expand in very short time.