What Are the Different Types of Tractors and Their Uses?

What Are the Different Types of Tractors and Their Uses?

Several tractors are available in the market, and Massey Ferguson 385 is the best of them. These are divided into three categories based on construction, drive and purpose. Each type has specific advantages and disadvantages and is used for specific tasks. This article will discuss the differences between these three categories and their uses. Also, we will discuss the different tire types. This article will help you choose a tractor according to your needs.

Farm tractor:

The first type of tractor is the farm tractor. These are used for agricultural purposes. These tractors have a wide range of features and are designed to fit any field. Some types of tractors are intended for specific purposes. For instance, some are designed for farming while others are used for industrial purposes. A tractor can be classified into two types based on its purpose. The first is the farm tractor. Its name refers to the use for a farm. The second type is the industrial tractor. This type is used for lifting large items such as concrete and other heavy materials.

Industrial tractors:

The second type of tractor is the industrial tractor. These are heavy duty and are mainly used to pull heavy objects in factories. They are usually equipped with crane booms. There are also specialized types of tractors called tractor-trailers. These rigs are not similar to farm traction, but they perform the same tasks. They can haul trailers and are used in various types of orchards.

Utility tractors:

Utility tractors are versatile and can perform various tasks, such as pulling heavy farm equipment. They are available with diesel or gasoline engines and are sold by many different manufacturers. They can also be used for industrial tasks. Some of these rigs have cranes and can be used for large loads. They are not similar to agricultural tractors but are useful in many other ways. If you need a tractor for an industrial application, you can find one that meets your needs.

Utility tractors are designed to be flexible and can be used for various tasks. These are often equipped with a crane boom. These rigs also have cranes and are not meant to be used similarly to agricultural ones.