Your skin is an essential part of your body. As the biggest human organ, it helps in protecting our body from outside pollutants and radicals. It also functions as one of our sensory units, helping us to determine and identify things through touch.

Which is why it is a must that we protect our skin at all cost. However, there are some habits and daily routines that can be harmful to our skin. The best dermatologist in Dubai recommends to avoid these habits to keep your skin healthy and glowing:

  • Using your phone too much


Communication is essential in this day and age. This is why a lot of people rely on phones to talk to one another. However, using your phone too much can be harmful to your skin, especially if you are not keen on cleaning your phone. It may not be physically obvious, but your phone is covered in dirt and bacteria. By not cleaning it regularly, you are subjecting your skin to damage, especially to breakouts and infections.


  • Extreme room temperature


We all know that extreme weather and climate can be damaging to skin. Same goes with your indoor temperature. If your room is too cold or too hot, expect that your skin will be suffering from some sort of damage. During the cold season, most homes are using heater to keep their space warm. But it can also dry up the moisture in the air, causing the skin to dry. Setting the AC too high can also do that as well. The best solution for this problem is to humidify the room.


  • Not washing your linens too often


Your linens and bed sheets may look clean to you, but beneath the sheet lies the dirt, bacteria and grime. These bacteria can cause skin problems like skin breakouts. It can also cause respiratory ailments and allergies. Be sure to make it a habit to wash and clean your bed and linens regularly. For linens, weekly washing and change of beddings is necessary. You also need to vacuum your bed and pillows to remove the dust.


  • Drinking alcohol before bedtime


Some people have this habit of drinking a glass of wine before they go to bed. This is for them to achieve a deep sleep. But on the contrary, it can disrupt your sleeping pattern and cycles, causing you to wake up in the middle of the night and not complete your sleep. And as the best eye specialist in Dubai says, lack of sleep can cause the skin to age and dry.